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Concussion Therapy for Blenheim

Blenheim area patients who need baseline and post-concussion management can rely on Dr.

Colin Goudreau. Trained in Concussion Therapy through Shift Concussion in Guelph, Dr.

Goudreau is prepared to offer comprehensive baseline testing and post-concussion rehabilitation.

The Basics of Concussion

It is important for our Blenheim residents to understand the basics of concussion and avoid

typical misconceptions. Concussion is a brain injury which occurs when the brain is violently

shaken through rapid movements such as whiplash, or when the head experiences an impact.

When the head is shaken or hit, a random injury to any area of the brain may result. This can

cause immediate or delayed changes to brain chemistry and activity. Many different temporary

or permanent problems with brain function can occur depending upon the area of the brain that is


Concussion Awareness

Symptoms of concussion can occur over a range of time. Some occur right away, some within a

short time, and others take months or years to reveal themselves. In any case, concussion can

have a significant influence upon your physical, emotional, and mental health.

Concussion carries a risk of death or permanent brain damage without immediate and

appropriate treatment. This makes it very important to seek medical treatment immediately

following any head injury. Minimize your risk.

Thorough Assessment

Our first step is obtaining your complete health history. Then. we put our state of the art ImPact

neurocognitive test equipment to work as part of a full cognitive examination.

Following that, we provide a complete physical examination including the cranial nerves, and

cervical spine, and your ability to control your balance and spatial orientation.

Once the above steps are complete, we will be able to offer your diagnosis and discuss our

management plan for the treatment of your concussion. Your rehabilitation may include a blend

of exercises and physical therapy, and possibly another health care provider referral.

Are you a Blenheim resident who needs concussion care? Contact us today to book your


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