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Concussion Therapy for Tilbury

Dr. Colin Goudreau is the health practitioner, local to Tilbury, providing baseline concussion

testing and concussion rehabilitation strategies for residents of Tilbury. Dr. Colin Goudreau is

fully certified in Concussion Therapy through Shift Concussion in Guelph, ON.

Understanding Concussion

When faced with potential concussion, Tilbury area residents would do well to understand the

basics of this brain injury. A brain may experience concussion when rapid movement changes

such as whiplash, or an impact to the head, cause the brain to be violently shaken. This impact or

shaking can cause unpredictable damage to any area of the brain, and can alter the brain's

chemistry and function immediately, or over time. The range of problems that can occur depend

upon which area of the brain is injured and may have temporary or permanent influence on brain


Concussion Guidance

With the effects that concussion can have on your physical, emotional, and mental well-being it

may be necessary to monitor your brain function for some time. While some symptoms occur

instantly upon injury, some may not display themselves for years.

Seeking medical treatment immediately is a vital step following any head injury. There is a risk

of permanent brain damage or death from a concussion that can be minimized when immediate

and appropriate treatment is provided.

Assessing Your Symptoms

Your assessment will begin with taking your complete health history, followed by a

comprehensive cognitive examination which includes using ImPact our modern neurocognitive

testing apparatus, to begin to obtain the full picture of your current health.

We will follow with a full physical examination, including the cervical spine, cranial nerves, and

your vestibular system, which controls your movement and balance.

Having completed the above steps, we will be equipped to provide your diagnosis. To help the

rehabilitation process we will put together a concussion management plan, with appropriate

exercises and physical therapy, and a recommendation to another health care practitioner if


Call for your appointment today if you are a Tilbury resident suffering from a concussion.

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