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Concussion Therapy for Chatham-Kent

Individuals local to Chatham-Kent can count on Dr. Colin Goudreau for Concussion Therapy.

Fully certified through Shift Concussion in Guelph, ON, Dr. Colin Goudreau can provide

baseline and post-concussion management for patients who have experienced concussion.

What Is Concussion?

There are many misconceptions about concussion and it is important that Chatham-Kent

residents under the basics of this condition. When a brain is violently shaken through rapid

movement such as whiplash, or the head is struck in some way, a brain injury known as

concussion may occur. Shaking or hitting of the head may cause unpredictable damage to any

area of the brain. The results of concussion can be abrupt or delayed changes in the brain's

chemistry and function. The area of the brain that experiences injury will determine the range of

problems with brain function that may be temporary or permanent.

Concussion Advice

Concussion can have short-term or enduring effects on your physical, emotional, and mental

health. Your body may display symptoms immediately, or within a few hours after the injury, or

months or years later.

Never delay seeking medical treatment after a head injury. You can minimize the risk of death or

permanent brain damage from a concussion with immediate and proper treatment.

Our Process

We start our assessment with your comprehensive health history. A full cognitive examination

follows, which includes our high-tech ImPact neurocognitive test equipment.

Next, is a full physical examination including the cervical spine, cranial nerves, and vestibular


When the above steps are complete, we will be able to share your diagnosis with you and

develop a concussion management plan for your rehabilitation, typically including a combination

of exercises and physical therapy, and sometimes a referral to a health care provider.

If you are local to Chatham-Kent and have suffered from a concussion, book your appointment


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