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Concussion Therapy for Wallaceburg

For patients local to Wallaceburg who have experienced concussion, Dr. Colin Goudreau is fully

certified through Shift Concussion in Guelph, ON to provide the baseline and post-concussion

management that you need.

Concussion Explained

Concussion is greatly misunderstood. Wallaceburg residents would benefit from understanding

the basics of this condition. If the head is hit in some way, or the brain experiences violent

shaking such as whiplash, this may result in the brain injury known as concussion. This shaking

or hitting of the head can cause random injury to any area of the brain. Abrupt or delayed

changes in the brain's chemistry and function may result. The range of problems with brain

function that occur will be determined by the area of the brain that experiences injury. Concussion symptoms may be short-term or enduring.

Advice on Concussion

Passing time does not predict whether you have escaped concussion and its effects upon your

physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Symptoms may occur immediately, some may show

up within a few hours, and some may occur within months or years after the injury.

With the risk inherent in concussion, make sure you seek medical treatment for any head injury

right away. Immediate and proper treatment can minimize the threat of death or permanent brain


Our Diagnostic Process

Obtaining your comprehensive health history is the first step in our diagnostic process. We then

complete a full cognitive examination utilizing ImPact, our state of the art neurocognitive testing


A full physical examination will follow which includes the cervical spine, cranial nerves, and

vestibular system, the system primarily responsible for your sense of balance among other


Upon completion of the previous steps we will have your diagnosis and concussion management

plan ready to map out your rehabilitation process. This can include physical therapy and

exercises, and may also require a referral to another health care practitioner.

Do you live in Wallaceburg and have experienced a concussion? Call us to today for your


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